Surprise Engagement Proposal at Fisherman’s Wharf in Victoria, BC

Do we have a treat for you today!! When Colton got in touch with us to ask if we were available to photograph his surprise engagement proposal we were all in!! Since these two lovebirds are from Seattle and have never visited Victoria, we helped choose an awesome location for Colton to pop the question. As we were getting set up, disguising ourselves as tourists, we recognized the bride-to-be… and she was approaching US. I played it cool as she asked, “would you please take a photo of us?” I said, “Sure, hand me your phone.” Then she saw my gigantic lens and her look became puzzled… Just then, he got down on one knee and she was genuinely shocked. There were a few happy tears and lots of giggles in these photos. Are you planning to surprise the love of your life with a ring? Read some helpful tips below. 🙂

Photography by Christina & Derek

After “yes” and “oh my god” the first thing this bride-to-be said was, “Thank goodness I dressed up!” Colton told her he was taking her out to a nice restaurant for dinner so she’d be camera-ready without ruining the surprise. This is such a great idea. Another one? If you’re proposing to a woman, chances are she’ll want her nails to look good as well. Maybe treat her to a manicure the week you’re going to propose.