Katie & Trey’s Zephyr Palace Costa Rica Wedding




This wedding was pure eye candy and such a huge treat to photograph. Katie & Trey are a charismatic duo who met when they were kids, dated in high school, then found each other again several years later. They have since had two beautiful boys and last year Trey got down on one knee and surprised his beautiful woman with an engagement ring at the Master’s Golf Tournament. Katie & Trey are so outgoing and it says a lot about them that 120 people flew in from all over the US to celebrate their wedding at Zephyr Palace.

Katie threw an epic champagne brunch for all her friends (who were outfitted with matching robes and flip-flops) the morning of the wedding in the Zephyr salon. After that, the champagne never stopped flowing as her friends hung out for the rest of the day in Katie’s room. With a pro makeup artist and hair stylist in her posse, she was pampered and entertained — including some added butt wiggling. Now, let’s talk about that dress! This mother of two looked like she walked off a runway with her dramatic Loretta double-cathedral-length backless gown and an equally gorgeous long Spanish veil. Wowowowowowowwow! x a million with 400 exclamation points!! The team at Elements Events in the US made sure every detail was perfect, including the creation of a giant bar in the salon (I’ve photographed quite a few weddings here and that was a fist!). Check out the details on our special wedding blog post here.

There were so many things I loved about their reception that I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, they brought in a 10-person band from Philly (Dreamtime) who totally rocked out all night. Incredible isn’t a good enough word to describe them. They started playing before dinner, sharing the mike with those on the dance floor, and they only took a break for speeches. The speeches were simple, sweet and touching. Katie’s best friend Margaux (who is also Trey’s sister) talked about how they grew up together and how she was so happy to now call her friend a sister. After those happy tears were over, Katie surprised everyone by playing and singing “I can’t help falling in love with you” on the grand piano, bringing the house to a standing ovation! Her voice was soulful it gave me goosebumps. Trey was especially blown away because, unbeknownst to him, she had been sneaking out to take piano lessons for the last few months! During their thank-you speech Trey mentioned that Katie organized this huge extravaganza event, packed up her dress and all the supplies for the kids, plus luggage for their trip, and it was HIM who accidentally left his tux at home.

I adored the way looked at each other, still giggly like teenagers in love, and the way they made everyone feel like the most special person in their lives. Katie & Trey, it was an awesome pleasure meeting you guys, and hanging out with your amazingly-fun friends and family! Congratulations!