Jenna & Dave // Canmore & Banff Winter Wedding

When Dave and Jenna booked me for their New Year’s Eve wedding in Canmore I knew I was going to be in for a huge treat. We met up last April for an engagement session in Canmore and Spray Lakes right after a light snowfall and the trees were dusted in white powder. We made fast friends and it was so much fun hanging out with them around the mountain lakes. Fast forward to New Year’s Eve — a perfectly clear day with not a cloud in the sky. It was a perfect day! Their family priest Father Jack came in from Calgary to marry them at the gorgeous stone St. Mary’s Church in Banff. Then, we were off to explore the mountain scenery along Tunnel Mountain Road. The reception was at the Cornerstone Theatre in Canmore and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. I think the pictures probably speak for themselves. I loved the dinosaurs hidden in the details! The entire evening felt like magic. Jenna & Dave, a huge congratulations!!

Preparations: Windtower Lodge & Suites in Canmore
Ceremony: St. Mary’s Church
Portraits: Buffalo Mountain Lodge and Tunnel Mountain in Banff, Quarry Lake and the Nordic Centre in Canmore
Reception: Cornerstone Theatre in Canmore

Their love story:

On Thursday, October 20th of 2011 Jenna and I first met at my Company’s United Way Silent Auction. But, in fairness and for full disclosure, that was not the very first time I had seen Jenna. In fact, I’d seen her some weeks prior while at a meeting in her Company’s offices. As nobody likes to be approached while working, I did the most logical thing possible – I took every excuse to be in their office. Luckily, said United Way event occurred, providing a reasonable means to a real life encounter. Our brief discussion turned out quite well (yes!!), in that it was then alleged that Jenna found me to be ‘handsome’ and ‘funny’. From that, by the grace of a mutual friend’s kindness, he helped connect the two of us again which resulted in the historical First Date.

In an effort to keep it casual, I suggested we meet at a local watering hole, Craft, for some adult beverages. On this Wednesday, October 26th, 2011, the Calgary Flames were playing host to the Colorado Avalanche. That detail is only important as a lovely couple nearby had determined that we were clearly on a first date. Although I thought it was going tremendously, first date-esque body language must have been palpable, as the couple approached us with a set of tickets, stating that it would make for a great first date. As I write this, I’m both nostalgic and almost sad that I don’t have their names or information, as they would surely be invited to the wedding that arose from their first date sponsorship.

Getting back to the story, how did it go? Well, the Flames bested the Avalanche by a score of 4-2. Sorry, the date went well. In my mind, it went superbly well. When canvassed, Jenna recalls it as having been ‘awkward’ and ‘a bit weird’ – good thing opposites attract! After this, we kept in touch, and made plans to see each other again. That being said, it was three weeks later as I’d been off to Montreal and Kingston to see my brother, as well as having had a weeklong trip to Vancouver. Despite the time off, neither of us over analyzed or misinterpreted the distance as a lack of interest (thankfully). That brings me to the topic of helping someone move. Helping people move is the worst thing ever, except when it involves helping a lovely young lady whom which you are trying to court. Best believe that I was keen to help Jenna move! How did that go? Pretty standard to be honest, moving is not fun! But unpacking can be fun, especially when you sink a should-be impossible, blind garbage-bin basketball shot and steal a kiss.

Keeping it G-Rated, I would feel remiss to not mention that kiss. You often hear about love and how people ‘know’. Well, to me, in that very kiss, I knew. It was complete magic. To this day, I’ve simply been trying to not screw up and have been keeping my blind garbage-bin basketball skill sharp. In fact, you could say the rest is history…