Lamise & Basil’s Zephyr Palace, Costa Rica Wedding

From the moment you meet Lamise and Basil they totally draw you in. They are charming, thoughtful and always put others before themselves. Their wedding, high on a cliff overlooking the sea at Zephyr Palace in Costa Rica, was pitch perfect. While the rains threatened, the clouds didn’t lift their curtain until pretty much the second everyone was inside for dinner. How lucky is that?! This was a truly international celebration, with guests coming from literally every continent (except for maybe Antarctica, but I might be wrong about that). The love in the air was palpable and radiated from everyone. I had the pleasure of coincidentally sitting next to two of the wedding guests on the flight home and found out that not only are these two incredibly gorgeous, they are also incredibly humble. Lamise is a well-known Yogi and avid photographer (check out her Instagram for some of the most jaw-dropping Yoga imagery you’ve ever seen); and Basil is an Olympic swimmer, emergency room doctor AND poet! It was inspirational, touching and moving to witness their vows, which were officiated by Basil’s former high school professor and close friend. Every speech echoed the sentiment that Lamise and Basil complement each other in a beautiful way. The celebration was punctuated with the most amazing dance party and music included Arabic, Latin American and disco favorites. This wedding was so rich with happiness and I enjoyed every minute. Lamise and Basil, it was an incredible honour to be a part of your day. A huge congratulations!