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Our wedding photography philosophy is simple: We want to capture you in a beautiful, artistic and natural way so you can enjoy the moment. You'll feel relaxed, all while looking like a total rock star.  
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We photograph weddings in Victoria, Vancouver & the west coast; the Rocky Mountains, Calgary & Edmonton; plus Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico & the Caribbean.
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In the last 10 years we've photographed hundreds of weddings and thousands of people. We know exactly how to make you look and feel awesome in front of the lens.
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What is your approach to photographing weddings?
We work hard to cater our photography to reflect YOU. We all have a relaxed approach that will ensure you have a natural smile, not a forced one. Rather than stiff and formal posing, we believe in providing you directions that will have you and your guests feeling as comfortable as possible. We love to photograph in a variety of styles and we offer a mix of candid photojournalism, fashion, something artsy and funky, or anything in between.

Do you still take formal traditional family portraits (with everyone looking at the camera and smiling)?
Absolutely! We always ensure we take photos of the groups that are important to you and we also take more traditional look-at-the-camera-and-smile photos of you as a couple, plus everyone in the wedding party. We know these are important photos for families and they don’t take long to accomplish.

If I send you my Pinterest board will you duplicate photos?
We love Pinterest and we love to see your boards to get an idea of the styles that appeal to you. But we do kindly suggest that boards are used as inspiration only. We want to create one-of-a-kind images of your wedding that reflect who you are as a couple. When we’re asked to duplicate another photographer’s work it takes extra time and effort. Plus, you’ll love your photos way more if they’re unique than if you have a carbon copy of someone else’s wedding photo. Our goal is to give you photos that other people will pin!

What if it rains?
We will always have a rain plan and we have lots of tricks we can use to incorporate the rain creatively in your photos. However, we do suggest that you plan for rain as well… Some couples have provided their wedding party with matching umbrellas. This is an awesome idea in case of bad weather.

Can our guests take photos at the wedding?
We’ve shot all kinds of weddings and we’re quite used to hundreds of people standing behind us trying to get pictures with their phone cameras. However, this kind of situation does impact the quality of your photos (especially if everyone in a group is looking at their friend taking a photo instead of your photographer or if they’re using those giant iPads while you’re walking down the aisle). We love it when you ask guests to stay in the moment and keep cameras away during the ceremony. We also ask for alone time with you both as a couple without your wedding party or family watching. While people mean well, they’ll often cheerfully heckle “dip her!” “kiss her,” or fix the bottom of your dress when we’re taking photos of your faces. This can also be distracting and will take away from your session.

How long before I receive my images?
We will provide you with a sneak peek so you have something to look at while you’re waiting for your images to be polished. Our guarantee is between six to eight weeks; however, our average delivery time is usually between four to five weeks.

Do you photograph elopements or small events?
Absolutely. We have lots of experience with weddings both large and small.

Do you have experience photographing large Hindu or Sikh weddings?
Absolutely. Please get in touch with us and we’ll send you full galleries with examples, plus a custom quote depending on how many hours/days of coverage you need.

Do you have experience photographing large Asian weddings, including tea ceremonies?
Absolutely. Please get in touch with us and we’ll send you full galleries with examples. As a bit of background, Christina had a Chinese tea ceremony when she got married.

Do I get to keep the digital images?
Absolutely. We provide you with high-resolution, printable images that are not resized. This means we leave the resolution the way it comes out of the camera and photos will blow up to beyond poster size (in fact, one of our advertising images was used on a billboard). We only eliminate photos that are extremely unflattering, or where there are blinking eyes, mouths mid-sentence or eating, or if we’re experimenting and something doesn’t turn out (like writing a sentence and erasing something). We also sometimes take five frames in a flurry if something is happening quickly. In this case, we would give you the best of a series so you don’t have a million photos that only change by a fraction of a second. But at the same time, we aren’t going to discard a photo of your aunt just because we don’t deem it “artistic” enough.

In terms of copyright, you will receive a printed copyright notice that will tell your photo lab that you have rights to make prints or photo products with the images. The only thing you can’t do is sell the images for a profit without permission (for instance, you can’t sell the image to an advertising agency to use in an ad campaign).

Are images edited or post-processed?
We take great pride in our image editing and spend about four to five hours polishing your images for every one hour of photography. And while we clean up blemishes and fix up skin on important close-up portraits and photos, you’re still going to look like yourself.

Can you make me look 400 pounds lighter and 120 years younger? Can you super-impose a giant spider chasing us down a field? Can you add someone into our group photos who wasn’t at the wedding?
As part of our editing services, we polish images as they were taken and, to ensure you still look like yourself, we only reduce weight up to 10 pounds and age up to five years. Additional photo editing can be purchased as an extra.  

Can we book a meeting with you to ask more questions?
Absolutely! If we’re in the same area we’d be happy to arrange a meet-up in person and if we’re in different locations then we can meet by Skype, What’s App, phone or any other conferencing app. Skype is nice so we can see each other!

We definitely want to book you! What’s the next step?
Awesome! We’ll put together your wedding contract and email it to you. From there, you simply sign the contract and pay the retainer online. Get in touch with us!

Can I make our final payment after the wedding?
The only payments that can be made after your wedding are for prints, canvases, and other products ordered afterwards. The reason for this is that our services are retained for your date, and we use your payments to then pay for professional image editing and retouching. We are members in good standing with a variety of credible, professional organizations, including Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, Fearless Photographers, Professional Photographers of Canada, and the Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada.

What methods of payment do you accept?
we accept all major credit cards, PayPal, some cheques and some e-transfers.

Can you hold a date or make a tentative booking?
A signed contract and retainer are required to officially book the date. However, if you’re in the midst of planning and you still need to work on some details we’ll make note of it in our calendar and get in touch with you if someone else seems serious about the same date. But if we haven’t heard from you in several weeks we will assume you may have found someone else or your plans have changed. We don’t like pestering.

If I hire a photographer through FunkyTown can I choose the person I want to work with? Is there a chance that I hire one person and another person shows up instead?
The photographer you hire is the person who will photograph your wedding. You can choose either Gwen or Christina, and if you opt add a second photographer we have a group of awesomely talented people we hire. Plus, we only work with experienced professionals – not students or beginners.
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