Victoria BC Family Portraits at the Inner Harbour

There’s no question this year has been hard on little ones without all the play dates they usually have with their friends. Kids aren’t used to being around new faces, so you have to be extra mindful as a photographer to make sure they feel comfortable in front of the camera.

What clothing to wear for your Victoria BC Family portrait session

This cutie pie was a bit shy at first, so we hung out in one spot and took a few relaxed portraits before we got into the portrait games. One game that worked especially well was eye-spy. I had the family go over to a corner that was a bit of a distance away from me and I used my telephoto lens to capture them looking out at the Victoria Harbour and B.C. Legislature. It worked perfectly.

We then walked over to one of the orca statues and allowed her to explore all the little tiled mirrors. She liked it so much we spent most of our time over there. As you can see, even with one or two simple locations, we can still get a ton of variety (and I’m only sharing the highlights!). I loved that this sweet one was able to be herself and play, just as she would if she wasn’t in front of a camera. I adored how the photos turned out!!

People often ask me what clothing they should wear for their family portrait session. My rule of thumb is to keep to something classic and timeless (this family’s wardrobe is a perfect example!). That way you won’t cringe in 10 or 20 years. That means avoiding trendy patterns that only end up taking away from the expressions on your faces. There’s no need to match and I recommend solid colors, if possible, with complimentary colours. We’re fortunate that here in Victoria we have such mild weather, even in the winter months, so people can often take off their jackets. Over the years, I’ve pinned some examples of what families have chosen to wear – both casual and more formal. You can find ideas on my Pinterest board.

When it comes to locations, I’m always on the lookout for spots that will provide us shelter in case of the wind. Government House is usually one of the best places since there are lots of places we can duck for cover if the weather in Victoria looks soggy. However, on this day, the grounds were closed to the public so we had to think fast. We decided to meet up at the Inner Harbour and I was shocked that, even though it was a windy day, we were completely sheltered! And the best part, we’re right down at the ocean with the marina and B.C. Legislature buildings in the background. I think this is now one of my new favourite spots for family portraits in Victoria!

We spent close to an hour together and this family received 60 images (with both a B&W + colour version of each)! Every family that chooses an hour-long session also receives a slideshow that tells a little story, and gives children awesome memories of this time in their lives. You can find out more information about how my family portrait pricing and collections work here.