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Recommendations for Your Summer Wedding in Victoria

We’ve been photographing weddings in beautiful Victoria and Vancouver Island for over 10 years. In that time we’ve had the chance to see what works, and what doesn’t. We put together this little list of recommendations to help you plan the perfect Victoria wedding.

Victoria Wedding Recommendation #1

Have your wedding ceremony later in the day

Victoria doesn’t quite have a “midnight sun” but since the sun doesn’t set until well after 10pm on a summer day it’s pretty darned close! We are often asked about wedding timelines so we thought we’d share some ideas and tell you what photographs best when the sun doesn’t set till the end of the reception. While it’s tempting to have your wedding start at noon (after all, that gives you more time to celerate), a few things can happen… First, you will melt if there’s a heat wave. Second, guests begin to get fatigued. Third, intense sunlight is the least flattering on everyone (think raccoon shadows under your eyes). We recommend a 5pm or 6pm ceremony time. That way the sun is a little lower in the sky, and even if you spend an hour or two having portraits taken, you can keep guests entertained with cocktails and appetizers. That way they aren’t starving. And your wedding portraits will look better the lower the sun is in the sky.

Victoria Wedding Recommendation #2

Have your portraits in one or two locations

We’re always happy to accompany you to several locations. We love to take photos so we can do it for as long as possible. But we have seen some ambitious schedules where we spend more time in the limo or driving en route than we do taking photos. Believe it or not, the longer we’re in one location the more we see and the more creative we can get. Bottom line: the less locations (or at least the less traveling between locations), the better the wedding photography.

Victoria Wedding Recommendation #3

Schedule at least 30 minutes for photos of the two of you alone, without the wedding party

While they mean well, the wedding party will sometimes begin to direct the photo shoot. They’re just having fun and they’re looking for something to do. They’ll often yell, “Dip her!”, “Kiss her” or come and fix the dress when we’re trying to take photos of your faces. You’ll get better wedding portraits if you have less distractions. We recommend sending the bridal party back to the limo with a bottle of champagne, or they can hang out at a bar or coffee shop so we can get some alone time with you. They’ll likely be happy for the break. 🙂

Victoria Wedding Recommendation #5

Add buffer time for hair and makeup

When weddings run late it’s usually because of hair and makeup taking extra time. While the bride will usually have a trial, the bridesmaids or family members may not. Sometimes they’ll request something re-done or fixed, which means starting all over again… in the meantime the bride is waiting patiently for her turn in the schedule. Often, well-intentioned people will tell a bride that she should go last in the schedule. But if the bride goes last that means it’s her time that will be sacrificed if someone else needs extra time. We recommend the bride schedule her turn somewhere in the middle of the hair and makeup schedule. She can always freshen up at the end… and if she’s ready early then we can also take some extra bridal portraits while she’s waiting.

Victoria Wedding Recommendation #6

Do your first dance before dinner!

It’s always awesome when a couple enters the room and the guests go wild. What usually happens though is you enter the room, take your seat and everyone sits still for far too long. When couples go straight into their first dance the guests will usually gather on the dance floor to watch, cheering you on! You’ll have their full attention before dinner, and before most of the wine has been consumed.

Victoria Wedding Recommendation #7

Have your speeches staggered

Rather than having your speeches all at once throughout the wedding reception, why not stagger them between courses. That way guests have a chance to take a mini-break, head to the bathroom, etc., and you’ll have more of their attention. If you have, say, six speeches and each last four or five minutes each, that’s 30 minutes! It’s a long time to keep people’s attention. When we’ve seen couples stagger the wedding speeches there’s less reception fatigue.
Victoria BC wedding photography

Victoria BC wedding photography

Wedding Photographers Victoria

Wedding Photographers Victoria

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