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Q: Do you provide digital copies or just prints?

I provide several different packages that allow you to choose what works best for you and your family. You can order a package that will allow you to view proofs and you can order prints, or you can purchase a digital package or a package with an album. Please get in touch for more information about my portrait photography prices.

Q: Where are you based?

I’m actually based in three places: Victoria, B.C., Calgary, Alberta and Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Please let me know the approximate date you’d like to book a session and I can let you know if I’ll be in the area. If I’m in the area at the time there are no additional travel costs.

Q: Do you take traditional posed family portraits or do you only do photojournalism/candid photography?

Most people choose me for a more candid/photojournalism approach to portrait photography; however, I’m happy to take a few portraits of you and your family looking at the camera and smiling.  You’ll notice my portrait photography portfolio includes natural photos with very few props. However, I’m happy to incorporate something if it’s important to you and your family.

Q: Because I work or because of my kid’s schedule I only have a limited period of time for a portrait session. Are you flexible?

I’m absolutely flexible. I will mention though that taking portraits in the middle of the day when it’s bright and sunny is the least flattering light on anyone. Because of the dramatic contrast between light and shadows, it looks great for some documentary portraits of children or families playing on a beach or at a park. However, we will have better results (and way more flattering portraits) if we find a shaded area. Having your session either close to sunrise or sunset is always best if you want to ensure both you AND the background look great in the photos. It can be much more tricky in the middle of the day to take photos at the beach in either Costa Rica or Victoria unless we can find a very shaded area. If you get in touch we can certainly discuss options to make sure you have awesome photos regardless of the time of day.

Q: What should I wear?

There is no dress code; however, be mindful that prints or logos can date your photos in years to come. You don’t have to match. I usually recommend people wear something timeless.

Q: Do I need to pay a retainer?

I have a very casual contract for you to sign agreeing to the date and time; however, I know things happen. If it’s a crappy weather day or if your kids aren’t able to have their portrait taken we can always reschedule. I don’t charge a retainer.

Q: What if my kids won’t cooperate on the day we schedule?

I’m flexible. If your kids aren’t cooperating for portraits (for instance, if your baby is teething or one of your children gets sick) I can reschedule.

Q: Do you charge travel?

I’m local to Victoria, B.C., Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica and Calgary/Canmore, Alberta. I don’t charge for travel within a one-hour drive of these destinations. If a ferry or flight is involved I would ask for those costs to be covered and I charge an additional $50 for each additional hour of  driving for out-of-town portraits.

Q: Will you take pictures of us with our pet?


Q: Do you offer pet photography?

Absolutely! Before getting into portrait and wedding photography, I was focused on wildlife and nature photography. You can see some of my work with wildlife here: I’m very comfortable capturing beautiful portraits of animals acting naturally.

Q: Do you offer boudoir or glamor photography?

Absolutely! Please see some examples of my boudoir photography here.

Q: Do you offer photography for model head shots or portfolios?

Absolutely! I’m trained in fashion photography and a lot of my work with clients involves fashion-style posing.

Q: Do you offer trade for prints for models or actors?

Unfortunately, at this stage in my career I’m not in need of building my portfolio. Please get in touch and I’ll send you a price list.

Q: Do you offer hair and makeup styling with a portrait session (in particular boudoir or fashion?)?

I can definitely arrange this for you.

Q: Do you have a studio?

I do have a portrait studio in Victoria, British Columbia. It’s suitable for small family groups, fashion or boudoir photography. Most people hire me to photograph their families in a natural setting or in their home where their children are most comfortable.

Q: Do you offer retouching?

I do retouching on images chosen for either prints or for digital packages. This includes skin retouching, punching up the colours and contrast and brightening areas.

Q: I’m insecure about my weight or age… how much retouching do you offer?

First, I’m very good at posing people in the most flattering way so you look your best. I’ve taken a course in posing for plus-sized women and I teach workshops about the best way to photograph people to reduce wrinkles or blemishes in-camera (meaning when the photo is taken). However, I will do additional retouching to reduce weight up to 10 pounds or age up to five to 10 years, depending on the person and the picture.

Q: How do I book a portrait session?

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