Sweet Family Wedding at Tamarindo Preserve // Rebecca & Ryan

I have to admit, when Gwen sent her images from this beautiful family wedding I was completely enchanted. Since Rebecca and Ryan each have children (he has two girls and a boy; and she has two boys), it was truly two families coming together. One of the things I admire about Gwen’s photography is that you can feel just what it was like to be there.   And, true to form, I found myself in awe of every frame. As you can imagine, that meant it was quite a challenge for me to pair this very intimate wedding down to just a few images for the blog.

I loved that they had Gwen come a day earlier and capture the family hanging out at Playa Brasilito and Playa Conchal, enjoying fresh-caught snapper on the beach by “Big Mama.” After all, a destination wedding like this isn’t just about the ceremony and the vows, it’s about the time spent together throughout the trip. Costa Rica is experiencing a bit of the La Niña weather system, which has meant rainy season stayed around longer than normal. It had poured rain leading up the ceremony, and stopped just as the wedding official arrived on the beach. As you can see, Ryan tried to hold back tears during the ceremony, but didn’t quite make it. Rebecca & Ryan, a huge congratulations on your marriage, and the coming together of your beautiful families!!


Wedding Location: Casa Traquila at the Tamarindo Preserve in Langosta Beach, Costa Rica 

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