Our Honeymoon in New York // Travel & Street Photography

Derek & I are excited to announce we just got married! Yaay! Photos (by the incredibly talented Jenna & Tristan photographers) will come soon. In the meantime, we’ve blogged some of our honeymoon artsy fartsy street photography from New York on the new #GETCRAFTYPHOTOGRAPHERS website. We also have a little review on there about our new walk-around cameras, the Lumix LX100s. Watch for our Youtube show coming in the new year where we’ll share all our creative hacks for achieving surreal results within the camera rather than with Photoshop trickery.

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My years of experience photographing weddings means I have all kinds of secret tricks to take amazing portraits of you and your family without needing to be in your close physical space. And my style also means you'll have lots of variety in your pictures without us needing to be any closer than six feet apart.

My business is following the guidelines set out by B.C.'s incredible PHO, Dr. Henry, and I will be wearing a mask. If I even feel mildly ill before our scheduled time together, we can reschedule or I am happy to find you another fantastic photographer to replace me. And if you need to cancel because you're not feeling well, it's all good. We can schedule your portraits for another time.


I will take every precaution to make sure we take your portraits in the safest way possible.