Katharina & Graeme // Delta Kananaskis Wedding

As anyone who spends time in the mountains will know, the weather could be anything from snow, to rain to sunshine… sometimes all in one day, even in the summer. But on this day in Kananaskis the sky was a deep blue and the sun shone down through the light clouds. Perfection! James and I had such a great time getting to know Kathraina & Graeme on their amazing wedding at the Delta. They were surrounded by friends and family who came from both Canada & Germany to celebrate.

Congratulations Katharina & Graeme! Click play to view the slideshow. Make sure it’s set to “HD” and you can increase it to full-size. Enjoy the sneak peek! A very special thank you to the awesome James Blair who helped me photograph this wedding. Many of these images are his.


“Katharina moved to Calgary in 2008 to pursue a Master’s in Biomedical Engineering. When she was introduced to the other lab members of the research group she noticed that handsome and smart PhD student called Graeme right away. However, it took her a few months dealing with a previous relationship until she realized what a great guy he really was! A conference in Banff where she drank him under the table with Rye and Ginger (both of them haven’t had one since) and a Lab Christmas Party later, they decided to meet up in Katharina’s hometown Bremen, Germany shortly before Christmas (Katharina was visiting family and Graeme had some work to do in Berlin). From there it just developed into the awesome relationship they share now!”

“Katharina and Greame share a hobby called  geocaching: little boxes called geocaches are hidden all over the world and people try to find them using GPS coordinates from a website. By looking for these caches people find beautiful places that are often only known to locals. Usually the caches only contain a logbook and possibly a few items of little value to trade that ‘travel’ from cache to cache. Graeme planned to use that hobby for his proposal, so he made sure they were going to do some geocaching that weekend in the mountains. Unfortunately for him, Katharina is a lot better at finding those caches, so he started to panic a little when she kept finding them before him (therefore, not giving him the opportunity to put the ring in). But finally they reached a cache that both could not find for a while… so Graeme saw his chance and ‘hid’ a little box that he had brought with him with the ring inside (hiding is an overstatement…). He then called out to Katharina telling her how certain he is that the cache HAD to be around where he was (he had the GPS) so she came over. First she didn’t see the box (she blames it on Graeme not actually hiding it in a place that resembled the location that was described for the cache), so Graeme positioned himself right behind it and started talking to her so she would look over. When she did, she saw the cache, but since he was standing close by, told Graeme to go get it. Graeme played “dumb” so she got quite annoyed and went to get it herself. Once she had opened the box, her exact words were “who would leave a ring in the forest??”. But then she noticed that Graeme got down on one knee and it finally all fell into place… ”

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