Goldstream Park & Forest Weddings in Victoria BC

Goldstream and the forests of Victoria are among the most beautiful in the world. It’s no wonder some unique outdoorsy couples (including our very own Gwen!) choose the Goldstream Group campsite as a wedding venue. Guests can camp on-site, and there’s an awesome covered shelter (with a wood-burning fireplace) to heat up if it’s chilly.

Gwen's wedding photos in Goldstream (Christina was her photographer).

Gwen’s wedding photos in Goldstream (Christina was her photographer).

We created this page to highlight Goldstream and other wooded parks (including Mount Doug and Centennial Park in Saanich) as a wedding venue. If you’re looking for full wedding stories and more campground weddings, we’d love to connect you to our blog.

Considerations for your wedding in Goldstream, Mount Doug or Centennial Park

It can be five to 10 degrees cooler in the deep forest. The area is magnificent and you can have your ceremony surrounded by the mossy-covered trees. The Goldstream venue is about 1.5km away from the main park, and the public campground. That way you have the entire area all to yourselves! There is a lot of parking, and the scenery is amazing.  Although Goldstream, Mount Doug and Centennial Parks are within 20 minute drives to downtown, the rainforest can be quite a bit cooler (sometimes up to 10 degrees cooler). One idea: supply cozy blankets as wedding favors.

Gwen (one of our principal photographers) chose Goldstream as her wedding venue when she married Tony. They love camping and the outdoors. Their guests probably would have camped anyway, so it was a no-brainer to host the entire wedding there. They hired Touque Catering for their barbeque-style dinner.

Our associate photographer Kris also chose an awesome forested spot for his wedding to Sasha: Centennial Park in Central Saanich. The park is like a little oasis… you’d never know you’re in a close drive to the city.

If you have some guests who might have trouble with freezing temperatures, you may want to consider different wedding venue that has the same character but with maybe with a covered area in case of rain or cold. Let us know what you’re thinking and we’re happy to make some recommendations.

Wedding Photography Goldstream Park Victoria, B.C. Photographers

Wedding Photography Goldstream Park Victoria, B.C. Photographers



That's one of our associate photographers Kris. He and Sasha were married deep in the woods at Centennial Park in Saanich.


Wedding Photography Goldstream Park Victoria, B.C. Photographers

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