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Crafty Solutions for Creative Photographers

Never panic on the job again...

...even in the harsh sun, rooms that are too dark, when there's not enough space to move around, rainstorms, people who don’t want to be photographed, unflattering color casts, and countless other things most photographers find a distraction.

I used to panic if things ran late and we didn’t have time to take portraits during magic hour.

If I took a bad photo, I blamed it on something else. But eventually I started to see all those things as awesome opportunities to take super, artsy photos for my clients!


Quick and dirty hacks you can do within your camera - no fancy PhotoShop!


Problem solving during my time as a wedding photographer gave me the chance to learn and experiment. And along the way I figured out a ton of shortcuts and nifty hacks to make art in any light and in any situation.




Get Crafty Photographers