Downtown Victoria BC Wedding Photography

There are so many amazing backdrops for your wedding and engagement photography and we’ve created this page to give you some inspiration. If you’d like to see more full weddings, feel free to check out our blog for more!



Pros of having your wedding or engagement portraits downtown Victoria

1) We can park at the Yates street parkade and then there are tons of backdrops within a one- to two-block radius. Or, you can have your limo or shuttle drop you off nearby and then pick us up again. This is a great trick if there is a lot of traffic.
2) Paved sidewalks if you’re wearing heels (although we always recommend bringing some comfy shoes to walk from spot to spot).
3) We’re close to the harbour for an additional backdrop.
4) We’ve included the Legislature as part of this page because it’s so close to downtown and it’s another popular urban spot for wedding photography. You’ll need a permit to have your wedding photos. The permit is free and if you let us know ahead of time we can help with the arrangements. Permits for Saturdays in the summer are usually booked up far in advance so our best advice is to have your permit arranged as soon as you can.


Considerations for having your wedding or engagement portraits downtown Victoria

1) It can get busy downtown Victoria, but we do know quite a few places where it will seem like you’re the only people on the block.
2) We’re not gonna lie… it can be noisy, dirty and smelly. We’ve got your back though. If an area seems sketchy we’ll head somewhere else. We have a lot of experience using downtown as a wedding photography location and we can find another place.
3) Parking can be a challenge on Saturdays… but like we said above, if you have a limo drop you off and pick you up at a certain spot you’ll have no problems.
4) Speaking of parking and general busy-ness, traffic can be very slow. The bonus is that we can get out and walk, providing you with lots of variety… but if you’re having your ceremony or reception away from downtown then it can slow you down. We can give you other ideas to have urban-inspired backdrops in other areas of Victoria.

Victoria BC Wedding Photography

Victoria BC Wedding Photography

Victoria BC Wedding Photography

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