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If you’re on a hunt for wedding portrait (or ceremony) backdrops on the beaches of Dallas Road in Victoria then you’ve come to the right place. We have quite a few favorite locations and we’ve put this page together to share some inspiration for your wedding. If you’d like to see more wedding photography photos from Dallas Road, check out our blog.
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Why we love taking wedding photos at Dallas Road
1) Dallas Road has some of the most quintessential west coast beaches on the island. It’s all deep coves with dramatic rocky outcrops and driftwood.
2) It’s very close to downtown, depending on the location of your reception.
3) The sunsets here are often pink.
4) It’s close to Beacon Hill park.
5) We’ve included the Breakwater on this page because it’s also along Dallas road, there’s parking AND it makes for a great shady spot on a hot day. Plus, you can get ice cream at the restaurant.
Photo by Christina

1) It’s busy on sunny days and that also means parking can be limited. But you can get your ride to drop you off and pick up again at a designated time.
2) It’s really most photogenic place at low tide when there are pools and the rocks are more exposed. When it’s high tide many of the scenery disappears. There are other beach areas in Victoria for your wedding portraits at low tide and we’re happy to give you some ideas.
3) It can be cold AND windy. We have a mix of clients – those who adore the wind and the way it looks in photos (see some photos below with hair blowing in the wind) and those who hate it (and we can totally get it when you’ve spent so much time and effort on your hair). We do not recommend Dallas Road beaches for anyone who isn’t comfortable being in the wind.
4) It’s rocky and in some parts a bit of a hike. If we take you down to the coves it can be quite a steep walk down. We recommend bringing comfy shoes (and then you can change back into your wedding shoes).
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Victoria BC Wedding Photography
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