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Kendra & Dustin // Wedding in Victoria BC

I didn't cry during the ceremony, but the photos brought tears to my eyes. As you know, we were pretty shy about being photographed, but it only took a few minutes with you to feel completely comfortable. Thank you so much!

Ron & Erwin // Wedding in Victoria, BC

We have spent the last several hours pouring our our wedding photos. We see something unique and different every time we look at them. They are so beautiful, so creative, so intimate, and captured the day exactly as we remember it.

Paige & Noah // Wedding in Costa Rica

Honestly, I don't even have words for how unbelievably happy I am at how the pictures turned out. You did such an incredible job, we seriously hit the jackpot with you and feel so grateful.

Megan & Tommy // Wedding in Costa Rica

"Let me start by saying that Tommy and I have never enjoyed taking pictures. We tend to look stiff and uncomfortable in front of a camera so we were not extremely excited the idea of someone photographing us all day. I don't think I realized why I liked your pictures so much until we received ours. Your pictures do not just have great color and lighting, they captured the feelings we had that day. When we went through them we felt all the happiness and excitement we had the day of our wedding. You also have the best personality. You made us feel so comfortable. Half the time, we did not even realize we were being photographed. I usually go through an album and think I like that one, or that's not a good one but we just flipped through and laughed and cried and enjoyed re-living that day. You have given us a wonderful gift and we will forever be grateful."

Kristina & Conner // Wedding in Lake Louise

After researching numerous wedding photographers we decided on Christina and now know we could not have imagined a better choice. My husband and I who are naturally camera shy people were immediately put at ease with Christina's relaxed, patient, and very positive approach to capturing our wedding day. Before and during the ceremony she has the ability to not take an overbearing presence but always in the right place to capture the perfect shot. While taking our after photos we could already sense she was setting up amazing and memorable snapshots to perfectly capture our special day.

Laura & Mark // Wedding in Victoria BC

Gwen was everything we wanted in our wedding photographer, and more! Our photos were fabulous, which was due not only to her skill with the camera but also her ability to make us feel relaxed and at ease. Our photos came out looking gorgeous and natural, which was exactly what we wanted. She was a breeze to work with from start to finish, and we especially appreciated her ability to organize our families for the portraits while maintaining a relaxed and positive demeanour throughout. She was exactly the type of person we wanted around on our big day. When we look through our wedding photos, we remember not only how special the day was, but also how much fun we had doing the photo shoots.

FunkyTown Wedding Photographers Victoria BC, Calgary, Halifax, and Costa Rica

Our Philosophy

We believe in taking the time to understand what you’re all about and how you want to celebrate your day. Our goal is to not just take photos, but to capture the real feeling of your wedding, with the love you have for each other and those around you. We photograph unobtrusively so can relax and enjoy the moment, all while looking like a total rock stars. Do we give directions to ensure your wedding portraits are flattering? Yup. But a natural smile will look better than a forced one, so we never make you hold still and freeze like you did during your school photo days. You’re wedding is supposed to be fun and we want to keep it that way!

We always provide an unlimited number of high-resolution, printable photos. Images are professionally edited (in the style you see on our website) and we also create an online gallery for every wedding so that guests can order beautiful prints from a professional photo lab, which ensures no one is coming to you for copies.

Our boutique studio has won several high-profile international awards for our wedding photography, including three top 10 placements with the International Society of Professional Wedding Phtographers and 22 Lifetime Fearless awards. In 2012 we were ranked #2 and in 2014 #3 in Canada with the Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada organization. However, our biggest source of pride are the awesome reviews from couples we’ve photographed.

If you’d like to have a no-pressure chat to talk about your wedding further with us, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’d love to hear more about your day!  


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Placed Top 10 (Three Times)

International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers

22 Lifetime Fearless Awards

Ranked #2 and #3 in Canada

(2012 & 2013) Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada

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