How to Plan the Perfect Surprise Engagement Proposal

We have had the privilege of photographing engagement proposals and we put together this guide to help you plan the perfect bullet-proof, top-secret surprise regardless of the location where you’re popping the question (we serve Victoria, BC & Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica).

surprise engagement proposal manuel antonio, costa rica

Surprise Engagement Proposal Photography – FAQs

Where should I propose? How do I choose a location?

Think about what will mean the most to your fiancée-to-be… Is she someone who loves nature? The beach? A fine-dining night out? Choose a place that you know will be special. We can definitely help you choose the perfect spot in either Victoria, BC or in Manuel Antonio.  Let us know a little bit about you guys and we can help you choose great location.

How does the photography work? How do you know when to start taking pictures without giving the surprise away?

We’ll ask you to send us a recent photo so we know what you look like. That way we can watch out for you as you arrive. If we’re outside we will act like we’re tourists, pointing our cameras out at a nice view. If we’re at a restaurant, we can act like we’re on a date as well, or we’re enjoying ourselves at our own table or nearby. Then, when you’re ready you’ll give us a little nod and we’ll get ready. We use telephoto lenses so we don’t have to stand too close. That way we can usually take photos without her knowing we’re even there.

How will I get the photos after?

We know how excited you’re going to be so we always send you a sneak peek photo within 24 hours so you can share it on social media. Then, when the rest of the photos are ready, we will send you a link to your gallery for you to download your photos or make prints. The downloadable images we give you will be high-resolution and printable. We also always touch up blemishes and polish the images so they’ll look great in print.

Some extra advice for your surprise marriage proposal in Victoria or Costa Rica

Your fiance-to-be is going to love the way you propose regardless of how everything actually goes down. The one thing she might be concerned about is her appearance. We do sometimes hear women say, “but I’m not dressed up,” or “but I look terrible.” This is the part that might get tricky… because you don’t want to tip her off about your top-secret surprise. Some suggestions? Before you leave your place, maybe suggest taking some selfies. If she doesn’t feel like she looks her best, she might run to the bathroom to freshen up. Another idea? Say you’re meeting up with another couple or some family members. Or, you can simply say you’ve planned a little date night with her. You don’t have to tell her to “dress up” or anything like that (this will definitely give it away), but if you let her think she’s going somewhere among other people it’s usually a queue for a lot of women to do themselves the way they like to look on a date before leaving the door. One other reason we mention this is that if she’s feeling good about how she looks she may want to have a few extra engagement style portraits of the two of you after. Ultimately though… the most important thing is that you speak from the heart, and that you find the perfect way to let her know how much she means to you. She’s going to be surprised and she’ll love you for it!

How do I set this up?

Get in touch and we’ll get started making plans!

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