Engagement Portrait Frequent Questions

Congratulations on your engagement! This is such an exciting time in your life. Your mind is probably racing with all that needs to be planned. The goal of this guide is to help you plan your wedding in a way that will allow you the BEST possible experience.


During your engagement session you’ll have a chance to get to know your wedding photographer, experience how she shoots and to get you used to being in front of the camera. This session often makes the wedding day go so much more smoothly. Sessions are usually around 45 minutes but it’s no problem to take a little longer than needed.


Photography is all about light. Good light = good photos. We prefer to book your engagement session about an hour to an hour and a half before sunset to ensure you get the best photos possible.

Think classic and TIMELESS. Trendy clothing that’s in-style now may date your images in a short period of time. That’s why it’s good to avoid patterns. Graphic elements in your clothing can often steal attention away from your face as well. Solid colors are usually best. You don’t need to match. Try to pick outfits and accessories that coordinate instead. Check out our Pinterest board at https://www.pinterest.com/funkytownphoto/portrait-clothing-what-to-wear/ for some ideas.

If you decide to wear high heels, we suggest bringing some flats to switch into just in case we need to climb over some rocks or go through grassy areas where your heels might sink (or worse, get stained or dirty). Guys should wear shoes that aren’t too slippery if we’re doing your session outdoors. Often couples like to have one casual outfit and one that is a bit dressier. That way you can have two different looks. We recommend beginning with the dressy outfit first.

Relax! You don’t have to be a pro at this! We’ll help you along the way and it’s going to be a blast! Enjoy this time together and make a date out of it. Plan dinner after to celebrate.

Where are you located? Do you travel for engagement portraits?

The three of us are based in various corners of Canada and Costa Rica and we’re available for engagement sessions anywhere. Travel is usually included if we’re already in the same area. In the summer months we’re in Victoria BC, Calgary & Halifax. In the winter months we’re in Manuel Antonio & Tamarindo, Costa Rica. We also photograph destination weddings all over, including Banff, Canmore, Kananaskis, Guatemala, and Barbados. If we’re in the same area as you there are often no additional costs for travel.

Your guide to having the best engagement portraits ever. From Victoria BC Photographers FunkyTown Photography

Your guide to having the best engagement portraits ever. From Victoria BC Photographers FunkyTown Photography

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