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A wedding in Canmore, Alberta means endless adventure. We'll work together to create photographs that show the love you have for each other and those closest to you.  

As you browse our site you will notice that there are no typical pose-and-shoot wedding portraits. That's because we believe a natural smile photographs better than a forced one and the greatest compliment we could receive is hearing that we captured the real story of your wedding. Our approach allows you to be yourself and you can trust us to give you wedding photographs that are unlike anyone else's.

With the most stunning scenery you've seen in your life and a full-service town that provides for your every need, Canmore is an amazing destination for your wedding. Our favorite locations for wedding photography in Canmore are
  • Quarry Lake
  • Three Sisters Lookout
  • Policeman's Creek
  • Whitemans Pond
  • Mount Lorette Ponds
  • Delta Lodge at Kananaskis

Our favorite wedding venues include

  • Camp Chief Hector YMCA
  • Canmore Golf & Curling Club
  • Canmore Nordic Centre
  • Grande Rockies Resort
  • Kananaskis Guest Ranch
  • Boundary Ranch
  • Cornerstone Theatre
  • Mount Engadine Lodge
  • Mystic Springs Chalets and Hot Pools
  • Riverside Park
  • Silvertip Resort
  • Solara Resort and Spa
  • Georgetown Inn
  • The Paintbox Lodge
  • Bill Warren Training Centre
  • Coast Hotel & Conference Centre

I look terrible in pictures. I'm worried about how I'll look in pictures on my wedding day.
We hear this all the time and that's why we take the pressure off "put your hands this way and your feet that way" and instead work on getting you to relax in front of the camera. Even during directed moments we will provide you with some straight-forward instructions that ensure you are acting naturally. Many of the people in our wedding gallery told us they were uneasy about having their picture taken and yet they all look like rock stars! I'll bet you won't be able to tell the people who were camera shy.

What makes you different from other wedding photographers in Canmore ?
Your decision should come down to the photographer whose work appeals to you most. A trained and experienced photographer will have the right camera skills to work in any setting, location, temperature or lighting situation. We believe our approach may be a little bit different from other photographers in the following ways:
  • Christina has placed three times as one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world with the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers. She also ranked #2 in Canada in 2012 and #3 in Canada in 2014 with the Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada. Plus, she has 22 lifetime Fearless Awards.
  • Christina also has a master's degree in journalism with a specialization in broadcast documentary reporting. This was a great background for visual storytelling. She is also a wildlife and nature photographer and has photographed every inch of Canada's rocky mountains.
  • We also provide you with an online gallery that's linked to a professional photo lab. That means your friends and family can order prints directly without needing to go through you.
  • The images we provide you will be retouched to perfection by our team of Photoshop & album design experts.
  • Christina is also an award-winning nature and wildlife photographer who visits the rockies yearly. She knows the natural areas around Banff intimately and can help you pick some really beautiful spots for nature-inspired wedding photos.

What is your style - are you photojournalism, fashion, fine art?
Actually, we offer a blend of all of the above, or you can pick just one and we will customize our style for your taste. Christina and Eunice are inspired by fashion photography, photojournalism and fine art.

What exactly does wedding photojournalism mean? Does this mean you never take posed or directed photos? What if we want some traditional portraits of our families and friends?
If you choose our wedding photojournalism approach we can be as hands off or as hands on as you like. Most people prefer to have their wedding day covered without intrustion, but still want to spend some time doing straight-forward posed family portraits and relaxed-yet-creative couple and wedding party portraits.

Do you ever take posed pictures before the wedding so we can spend more time with our guests after the ceremony?
Absolutely. Many people opt to do this and it does mean you can spend your entire wedding celelebration doing just that -- celebrating!

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